I-CAR Collision Reporter - The New Era Of Collision Repair Issue

I-CAR Collision Reporter - The New Era Of Collision Repair Issue

The eleventh installment of I-CAR Collision reporter - The New Era Of Collision Repair issue has been released. This issue focuses on the extraordinary industry changes ahead. It also offers some strategies and solutions to help face these changes. Also included is a panel discussion on this new era of unprecedented evolution of collision repair.

In this latest edition you will find articles on the future of ADAS and how it is almost certain to continue to advance in its complexity. It also highlights how fully autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality on the roads and in the collision repair shops. Also included is I-CAR’s best practices for repairing complex ADAS.

This edition also provides answers for some of the common questions I-CAR receives. These include logging into and navigating the I-CAR website, and course related questions. For more information, check out the full edition on the I-CAR website.

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