2016 Honda Civic Lane Watch

2016 Honda Civic Lane Watch

Did you know that the new 2016 Honda Civic could be equipped with a system called Lane Watch? Let’s take a look at how this system can impact repairs.

When Honda published the 2016 Honda Civic Body Repair News, they included some interesting information on the Lane Watch system. The Lane Watch system is a blind spot detection system, which is not new in the automotive world, but the repair information has some great details that will help prevent issues during the repairs.

The repair information details when the camera in the passenger’s side door mirror must be calibrated. Which is important information to know, but what is even more important is that the Lane Watch system does not set DTCs and does not display a malfunction message to the driver.

This system must be calibrated by using the navigation system or the center display self-diagnostics. If this step is over looked, everything may appear to be working, but the system may not function as intended after repairs.

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