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Honda And Acura High Strength Steel Welding Wire

Honda And Acura High Strength Steel Welding Wire

As you may have heard, Honda requires MIG brazing on 1,500 MPa parts where the spot-weld arms will not reach. But did you also notice Honda and Acura have a specific welding wire requirement for 440-980 MPa steel?

According to Honda Body Repair News "Typical ER70S-6 wire has a minimum tensile strength of 70 ksi (483 MPa). This wire can be used when welding up to 440 MPa steel parts." This means that Honda is allowing lower strength steel parts to be attached using one of the common welding wires (ER70S-6) on 440 MPa and lower steel. In the same Honda Body Repair News article, it states "Bosch DS980J solid welding wire has a rated tensile strength of 1,011 MPa (147 ksi). This wire, or equivalent, may be used when doing approved MAG welding methods on steel parts up to 980 MPa." This wire is to be used on parts that are 440-980 MPa steel, while the steel higher than 980 MPa, like the 1,500 MPa mentioned previously, requires MIG Brazing.

The wire can be purchased through the Honda Tool and Equipment Program or by clicking here. Check out this Honda Body Repair News for more information on the Honda Tool and Equipment Program.