Honda/Acura Position Statement: Pre- and Post-Repair System Scanning

Honda/Acura Position Statement: Pre- and Post-Repair System Scanning

As the industry continues to ask, are pre- and post-repair scans necessary, Honda/Acura provide their answer.

Per the July 2016 position statement: “It is the position of American Honda that all vehicles involved in a collision* must have the following minimum diagnostic scans, inspections, and/or calibrations done to avoid improper repair:

  • A preliminary diagnostic scan during the repair estimation phase to determine what Diagnostic Trouble Codes DTCs may be present, so proper repairs may be included. See Background On Scan Requirements paragraph for more information.
  • A post repair diagnostic scan to confirm that no DTCs remain.
  • Some safety and driver assistive systems will require inspections, calibration, and/or aiming after collision or other body repairs. See page 2 for additional information.
  • *A collision is defined as damage that exceeds minor outer panel cosmetic distortion.”

    The position statement also provides the Background On Scan Requirements, Diagnostic Recommendations, Inspection/Calibration/Aiming Requirements, and How To Obtain Service Information, i-HDS Diagnostic Software and Interface Hardware. For the complete Honda/Acura bulletin, visit the RTS website.

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