GM Explains Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning

GM Explains Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning

Check out the latest issue of GM Repair Insights Vol.1, 2017. This issue highlights the new 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, the Equinox front upper rail removal and replacement procedure, pre- and post-repair scans, along with several other articles. Let’s take a look at an article from this issue.

As you know, General Motors recently released a position statement on vehicle pre- and post-repair scanning. An article in GM Repair Insights Vol.1, 2017 explains the need for this position statement by saying “Take the network of sensors and electronics controlling vital vehicle safety and performance systems, overlook damage to just one of these many critical pieces of the automated shield protecting a vehicle and you could be potentially sending a customer out your doors and into serious trouble.”

They also go on to explain the different scan tools offered for scanning and how to find out which scan tool should be used for which vehicle. The article talks about GM Service Programming System (SPS), which is used for calibration and learning. You will also see information on where to find repair information and what to do if you require more information.

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