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General Motors Updates Position Statements

General Motors Updates Position Statements

General Motors has followed suit with other OEMs by updating their position statement to disallow the use of recycled and salvage parts.

Per the August 2016 “Use of Salvage and Recycled Parts” position statement, General Motors does not allow the use of recycled or salvage parts. In the statement General Motors defines what is considered a recycled parts and some reasons why they cannot be used in a repair. Reasons given for not using recycled parts included the following.

"General Motors does not support the use of salvage or recycled parts due to the sensitive nature of the safety and performance of General Motors vehicles...Genuine GM Parts are designed and constructed using metals with specific properties, thicknesses and stamping features built to perform in a consistent and predictable way during a collision event. The use of non-OEM structural components may compromise the overall crashworthiness and occupant safety of General Motors vehicles in a subsequent collision. In summary, General Motors does not support the use of salvage or recycled parts in a vehicle’s repair. GM recommends the use of Genuine GM Parts in repairs to help ensure the vehicle is returned to pre-collision condition."

To find the General Motors Use of Salvage and Recycled Parts position statement along with other position statements, check out the RTS website.

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