GM: Applying Impact Resistant Structural Adhesives

According to, there are rules that must be followed when using impact resistant (I.R.) structural adhesives. Per Bob Hiser, GM Lead Service Engineer, “The glue doesn’t tell you what it is or how to fix it.” This means that being trained and following the OEM repair instructions are crucial to a proper repair.

When repairing a GM vehicle and replacing adhesives, “always stick to I.R. structural adhesives, with one exception—replacing the adhesive used on door skins.” These adhesives have the “strongest possible bond” and could be used in place of any other adhesive on the vehicle. Although this adhesive is very strong, it still needs a mechanical bond such as spot welds (not GMA plug welds), rivets, or screws.

I.R. structural adhesives play a big role in the performance of a vehicle and the ride quality. It is important to know how to use the impact resistant structural adhesives correctly to ensure the quality of a repair is not compromised.

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