Repairer Driven News: Pulling and Repair Tolerances

An important part of collision repair is set up, measuring, and pulling on vehicles. Many technicians are either not comfortable with these steps, or simply don't know how to do it. Going hand-in-hand with this topic is repair tolerances, what is acceptable and what isn't. Repairer Driven News (RDN) has published several articles that helps to shed light on these topics.

Mike Hoeneise, manager of the Car-O-Liner Training Academy, shares that when it comes to the thought process behind the set up and pulling of a vehicle, "There really isn't anywhere to read about it, or to understand it." He goes on to share key tips and pointers in the article and from the I-CAR video, Structural Anchoring and Pulling Strategies course, within the article. Check out Car-O-Liner: Visualize Pulls, Remember They’re 3-Dimensional to read the full article.

When it comes to repair tolerances, Hoeneise shares in another article, "Collision repairers confronted with a typical tolerance of 3 mm mistakenly think, "'If I'm within 3 mils, I'm good'". But if one measurement is +3 and another is -3, there's actually 6 mm of difference between the two points, he said. You've exceeded the tolerance by 3 mm." Check out Car-O-Liner: How Not To Get Tripped Up On Auto Body Measurements, Tolerances to read the full article.

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