All New Jeep Wrangler Body Repair Manual Available

FCA/Stellantis unveiled the new Jeep Wrangler for 2018. The new Wrangler (JL) will be produced for some time, along with the past generation Wrangler (JK) Both will be 2018 model years. Though the traditional Jeep styling has not strayed far from its roots, the Wrangler (JL) is a very different vehicle.

You will notice that FCA/Stellantis has a full body repair manual for the Wrangler (JL), including sectioning procedures, and material identification. Currently the manual is only available on the paid subscription website The Wrangler (JL) has adopted some new construction materials, with aluminum for the hood, fenders, doors, windshield frame, tail lamp pockets, outer liftgate skin, and transmission support. The liftgate’s shell is constructed of magnesium, with an FCA/Stellantis warning that states “Magnesium No repairability, replacement of components only.” The majority of the body is made of mild steel with some high strength steels mixed in. The roll bar is made of press hardened steel that cannot be sectioned. FCA/Stellantis used 1300 MPa steel for the A-pillar reinforcement. The majority of the frame is made-up of high-strength steel.

For a first in Wrangler history, it will come equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The Wrangler (JL) can have blind spot detection, rear cross traffic, park assist, and a rear view camera system. The blind spot sensors are located in the tail lamps, and we are waiting for clarification if calibration is required.

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