I-CAR's New ADAS Courses For 2017

Some OEMs are beginning to make advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) standard. With an increased number of vehicles on the road equipped with ADAS, it’s guaranteed you will need to repair an ADAS. Knowing how to identify and repair a vehicle with ADAS is important to creating complete, safe, and quality repairs. Let’s take a look at some I-CAR courses that address ADAS systems.

I-CAR released four courses that address ADAS on today’s vehicles. The courses are:

In these courses, you will find plenty of information on how to identify specific ADAS. There are vehicle-specific examples on calibration, where you get an overview of what specific OEMs require for calibrating ADAS. You will also learn how some ADAS are related to other vehicle systems.

To find out more and sign up for these courses, visit the I-CAR website.

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