3M Corrosion Protection Quick Reference

Automotive aftermarket product supplier 3M has recently released a quick reference guide on corrosion protection. Shawn Collins, Advanced Technical Specialist at 3M writes, “With all the questions about seam sealer and corrosion protection, I put together a quick reference one-pager. One of the biggest questions was, what can I seam seal over? The drawing is the optimal joint protection including something to seal and protect the welded flange, sealing the outside of the joint over the correct substrate and then cavity wax in the cavity or inside the panel. If you do all this thoroughly, the repair will outlast the car.” Let’s take a closer look at this quick reference.

It should be noted that this document is specific to 3M’s product line and may not apply to any other product lines. Also, 3M recommends referring to relevant vehicle repair and OEM guidelines prior to starting all repairs. The document has an image showing panel and product layering, to achieve what is 3M’s best “optimal joint protection”. The document shows several different products, and recommends putting one of the products between all welded flanges. There is also information on what the different types of substrates are compatible with 3M’s seam sealers. Check out the full document Corrosion Protection At A Glance on the RTS website. If your repair facility utilizes 3M’s product line this would be a great document to print off and have readily available for reference.

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