Repairer Driven News: Toyota's Millimeter-Wave Radar

Repairer Driven News (RDN) published an article talking about Toyota’s millimeter-wave radar. The article covers special precautions related to the millimeter-wave radar. Let’s take a look at this article.

Much of the information in this article comes from a Toyota Collision Repair and Refinishing Training administrator. According to the article, Toyota plans to make Toyota Safety Sense standard on all Toyota and Lexus models. This means that if you haven’t come across a vehicle equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), chances are that you will. The article touches on some important precautions for vehicles equipped with a millimeter-wave radar, including part selection, calibration, and taking measurements. Visit Repairer Driven News for the full Toyota: With Millimeter-Wave Radar, Even Replacing A Radiator Support Is More Complex article.

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