OEM Position Statements

Here at Ask I-CAR we get a lot of questions on a daily basis. Many of these questions have to do with what the OEM says on a particular subject. Often times, these questions can be quickly answered by an OEM position statement. Let’s find out how OEM position statements can help you.

You may ask, what is a position statement? The simple answer is, the position statement is what is provided by the OEM, stating what the OEM allows or disallows, in general, across their model lineup. Position statements can help provide awareness of a subject and lead you to an informed decision based on data instead of guesses, and with less research in the vehicle service information. Many position statements are available for free from OEMs.

When you visit the RTS Portal’s OEM Information pages, you will find the different OEM pages with links to many different sources of information. On many of the OEM pages you will find the OEM position statements page. Check them out even if you currently don’t have a question, just to be informed about what information is available. Position statements, along with OEM repair information will allow a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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