Nissan Position Statement: Required Radar Recalibration Post-Repair

As part of Nissan’s “Safety Shield Technology” many vehicles are equipped with a front radar sensor. Let’s take a look at Nissan’s position on when calibration is required for the radar sensor.

Per the Nissan Required Radar Recalibration Post-Repair position statement: "It is critical that these radar devices are properly recalibrated after any repair situation to the front of the vehicle that would cause the radar sensor to be shifted, removed, reinstalled, or jolted in the collision."

According to the position statement, mandatory calibration is required to help prevent the radar from malfunctioning; especially because it is a main component for the Forward Emergency Braking (FEB), Predictive Forward Collision Warming (PFCW), and Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC).

Use the Cruise Control System (CCS) information in the service manual for additional information pertaining to the specific systems. To access Nissan service information, go to:

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