Standards Update for SkillsUSA Collision Repair Technology Contest Released

As vehicle and repair technology evolve, so does the knowledge and skills required for collision repair professionals, and for students aspiring for a career in collision repair. Due to the increase in aluminum and high- and ultra-high-strength steels (HSS & UHSS), the standards for the Collision Repair Technology (CRT) competition for SkillsUSA have been updated to reflect the skills and repair methods necessary for complete, safe, quality repairs.

At this summer’s SkillsUSA Championships, June 20-24 in Louisville, KY the updates to the standard will be demonstrated as part of the “Welding” segment. While contestants will not be scored on the demonstration portion of the contest, they will participate in the demonstration activities. In 2017, the additions to the standards will be part of the competition and will count towards the overall scores.

Additions to the standard, first announced at last summer’s SkillsUSA Championships, include:

  • Aluminum MIG welding
  • MIG brazing
  • Squeeze-type resistance spot welding
  • Weld bonding
  • Riveting
  • Rivet bonding

Additionally, the “Welding” segment will be renamed “Attachment Methods” to reflect the additional joining methods.

Here is an excerpt from the Standards.

If you are involved at a local, regional, or state level with a SkillsUSA CRT competition, please share this information with others involved in the competition.