Honda Oil Requirements For A/C Systems With R-1234yf

Did you notice the A/C refrigerant that is in the 2016 Honda Civic? It's R-1234yf and it’s no typo that Honda is requiring POE compressor oil for this system and not PAG (like other OEMs).

According to Honda, POE oil is being used because it's nonconductive and it's not as flammable as PAG. The 2016 Pilot, Civic, and Fit EV are using R-1234yf. As new models are redesigned or introduced, they will have R-1234yf with POE oil. The POE oil that is required for this system on Honda vehicles is not the same oil that is required for hybrids. Honda has three types of POE oil, and the POE required for R-1234yf is its own specific product. As always, check the vehicle labels for the correct refrigerant and oil before starting any work on the system.

This change in refrigerant is also due to the EPA announcement in July 2015 that R-134a will be banned in new vehicles for use in the U.S. as of the 2021 model year.

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