Adoption of a Learning Culture Key to KPI Success – How a New I‑CAR Role Can Help

The adoption of a strong learning culture within a business, as well as sound production management principles, will not only help improve bottom line results, but will also bring additional value in understanding a technician’s abilities or inabilities and knowing how to close any knowledge gaps a shop may uncover among its staff.

Recently, I‑CAR launched a new Production Management role. This new role features Industry-defined training that helps to quickly assess and solve complex problems facing shop production — without sacrificing complete, safe and quality repairs. This role was developed to fill a need as requested by the industry. I-CAR's solution was to design the training that targets the needs of the production manager by using industry subject matter experts with over 200 years of production management experience to aid in the course design.

The new courses are designed to provide emphasis on active problem solving, fostering a learning culture, and maximizing shop productivity.

The ten ProLevel 1 courses in this role are purpose built to include online, virtual, and live delivery. This tailors the learning experience to match the content and how it’s being delivered.

All ten courses are taught in sequential order with each course building upon the previous course; this decreases redundancy and increases efficiency.

The ten courses in the Production Management role are:

  1. Learning Culture Overview – Online
  2. Before The Repair Starts – Online
  3. Matching The Repair To The Team – Virtual
  4. Workflow Essentials – Online
  5. Synchronizing Workflow Through Team Communication – Live
  6. Problem Solving For Workflow Changes – Virtual
  7. Quality Is Your Business – Online
  8. Optimizing Processes, Equipment, and Compliance – Online
  9. Developing The Team And The Business – Virtual
  10. Refining The Team And The Business – Live

On the website, you will find links to product sheets that provide more detail about each course. Additional information on this new PDP role can be found on the I-CAR website and in this video.

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