2015 Cadillac ATS Strut Tower Replacement

A 2015 Cadillac ATS comes in that requires strut tower replacement. This is typically a straight forward repair, but on this vehicle the strut tower is cast aluminum. So now what?

Luckly, Cadillac has a procedure for replacing the cast aluminum strut tower, which can be viewed on the General Motors pay website: acdelcotds.com

The procedure details how to remove the damaged part including the recommended temperature to warm the adhesive to aid in removal. The part of the procedure that is different than most part replacements is the adhesive. Cadillac requires the use of an impact resistant adhesive when the strut tower is replaced.

The impact resistant adhesive is a different product from traditional panel bonding adhesive, it is critical that panel bonding adhesive is NOT used in the repair joint as panel bonding adhesive does NOT meet the stength requirements for this repair.

Fusor 2098
Impact Resistant Adhesive
Available from Lord Fusor
3M 07333/57333
Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive
Available from 3M
Lord Fusor and 3M were the only approved product makers at the time of this article.

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