I-CAR Wagoneer And Grand Wagoneer WS Course

With the release of the Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer WS, I-CAR has developed a course that overviews several features on the vehicles as well as repairability.

The course goes into detail about the vehicle’s history as well as information on:

  • Trim levels
  • Wheelbase options
  • Interior features
  • Exterior features

The vehicle construction materials are outlined in the course, showing the different strengths of steel parts as well as aluminum parts. The course explains the different joining methods typically used for each material, like:

  • GMA welding
  • Weld bonding
  • Squeeze-type resistance spot welding (STRSW)

The course also outlines seam sealer, anti-flutter foam, and adhesive information.

Repairability of certain parts is also given. The course talks about possible sectioning and partial part replacement procedures for certain parts and talks about the different attachment methods.

Other topics detailed in this course are:

  • Glass replacement
  • Suspension systems
  • Advance driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • ADAS input descriptions
  • Bumper cover repair
  • Mild hybrid battery considerations

Understanding what the vehicle is equipped with and what the vehicle is made of is important when it comes to performing repairs. Always follow OEM procedures to ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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