I-CAR Jeep Grand Cherokee WL Course

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has undergone several changes starting into 2021. These changes being a body style change and, most importantly, structural changes. With the body style change, comes a new body code of Grand Cherokee (WL).

The detailed structure identification information can be found in the Standardized Material Identification document in the Collision Information manual.

Knowing the vehicle structure and what it is made of is extremely important when it comes to repairing the Grand Cherokee (WL). The body repair manual identifies several sectioning and partial part replacement procedures for this vehicle.

Following the OEM procedures helps ensure that the integrity of the body panels is maintained. If procedures are not followed, it could have a negative impact on the safety of the overall structure.

The Grand Cherokee (WL) is also equipped with many different advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). With these systems comes many cameras and sensors throughout the vehicle, located in the front bumper cover, windshield, rear bumper cover, and liftgate.

Knowing what systems the vehicle is equipped with and where the system components are located is important to keep in mind when performing repairs. Many repairs cause these cameras and sensors to require calibration.

Always check the vehicle-specific service information to find out if the cameras or sensors on the vehicle require calibration after repairs. Not calibrating these components may keep the ADAS from functioning as intended. If ADAS is not functioning properly, it could be a huge safety risk to passengers of that vehicle and others on the road.

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