Mercedes-Benz To Have New Model Naming In 2015

Mercedes-Benz is revising the vehicle model naming in 2015. For those that are unfamiliar with the different vehicle names this might be a bit confusing. In a recent press release Mercedes-Benz details some of these changes, so lets take a look at the SUVs.

With the new naming the SUVs will be named using GL as the first letters in the name and the third will be the five core model series, A, B, C, E, and S (see Table 1). Also the engine types are getting a streamlined name that is shorter and more standardized (See Table 2).

There are a few exceptions to these new rules, for the complete Mercedes-Benz press release.

Table 1
New Name Badge Previous Name
GLA GL A-Class
GLC GL C-Class; previously GLK

GL E-Class;

previously M-Class or ML

GLE Coupé GL E-Class Coupé
GLS GL S-Class; previously GL
G unchanged

Table 2
New Badge Previous Name

c for

"compressed natural gas"

Natural Gas Drive
d for "diesel" BlueTEC and CDI
e for "electric"


PLUG-IN HYBRID, and Electric Drive

f for "fuel cell" F-CELL
h for "hybrid" HYBRID and BlueTEC HYBRID