Becoming Ford F-150 Recognized Aluminum Repairer

FAQ: What tools and equipment do I need to repair the new Ford F-150?

ANSWER: There are a wide variety of options available and you need to asses what will work for your shop.

As a starting point, Ford has provided a list of Ford Certified and Recognized Aluminum Capable Body Shop Tool & Equipment Pricing Forecast. The list does not call out specific brands of equipment, but gives the minimum requirements for that equipment and an estimated price range. (Note: I-CAR is unable to discuss any prices related to tool and equipment or which tools or equipment should be purchased.) As an example, take the aluminum welder, the document states that: "Body Shop is required to have a dedicated aluminum MIG welder. Aluminum MIG welder must be a 220v unit equipped with Pulse MIG Technology." Basically this means that as long as the welder meets these basic requirements, the welder would be acceptable for repairs on the F-150.

Ford also has no part restriction, but to be a Ford certified or recognized aluminum repair facility, you will need to go through a certification process that is administered by the Ford Certified Collision Network.

For more information on Ford training requirements, visit the I-CAR website.