FCA/Stellantis Color Codes To Identify Adhesives, Foams, And Seam Sealers

Usage of adhesives, foams, and seam sealers has skyrocketed in recent years. Consumers demand their vehicles to be quieter, stronger, and last longer than ever before. With so much use of these materials, it can get confusing to figure out what material goes where, especially when looking at a diagram or a list of the required steps.

FCA/Stellantis has enhanced the most recent body repair manuals (BRM) with color coordinated diagrams to help technicians easily identify what adhesives, foams, and seam sealers go where during repairs. The BRM will also list the approved products that can be used for each application. In previous BRMs the images for adhesives, foams, and seam sealers were only black and white graphics. The enhanced graphics are labeled as followed:

  • Structural Adhesive – Red
  • Anti-Flutter Adhesive – Green
  • Seam Sealer – Blue

To find these diagrams in your subscription:

  1. Sign into stellantisiop.com
  2. Enter the year, model, and engine
  3. Click Collision Info(At the top of the page)
  4. Click Collision Information
  5. Click Material Locations
  6. Click Structural Adhesive, Flexible Adhesives, And Seam Sealer Locations

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