Subaru EyeSight Overview

Subaru EyeSight Overview

Subaru has a camera-based, driver-assist system that they call EyeSight. The Subaru EyeSight system uses a camera that has color recognition so it can see the red brake lights on the vehicle ahead or an upcoming red traffic light. It also has the ability to detect objects such as traffic lanes, certain street signs, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. A vehicle with EyeSight could have an automatic braking system, automatic throttle management, adaptive cruise control, or it may also be tied to the lane keep assist system. With all of the things this system can do, when and how does it affect collision repair?

The EyeSight system has parts located at the top of the windshield. A common reason a repair facility needs to know about this system is because anytime these parts are unbolted, the camera system must be calibrated. Also note that to remove the windshield, the camera needs to be unbolted.

In order to calibrate this system, several special tools are required along with a scan tool. The wheels must also be pointing forward, so any necessary wheel alignments will need to be completed prior to the start of the calibration procedure.

Not all vehicles are equipped with the EyeSight system. Those that are equipped will require a specific windshield to ensure proper operation. Subaru also calls out an area of the windshield called the "glass repair prohibited area." In this area, no glass repairs can be performed as it may affect the function of the camera. For the complete list of procedures and precautions, go to:

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