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Step-By-Step: Accessing Mitsubishi Repair Information

Step-By-Step: Accessing Mitsubishi Repair Information

Per your requests, we are adding step-by-step instructions on how to access the vehicle maker repair information to complement our the how-to-videos on the OEM Information pages. Easily reference this article by clicking the link under the video on the Mitsubishi OEM Information page.

To find the Mitsubishi repair information:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter username and password (upper left corner)
  3. Click "Login"
  4. Click "Continue"(middle left of page)
  5. Click "Service Information"(top left of page)
  6. Click "Click Here"(middle of page)
  7. Enter the VIN or from the drop down menu (center of page) select the "Year"and "Model"
  8. At the bottom of the drop down click "Other Documents"
  9. Click "Document Type"(top left of page)
  10. Click the "Body Repair Manual"
  11. Click "Click Here to View Table of Contents"(just below document type)
  12. Once page loads click on "3 -WELDED PANEL REPLACEMENT"

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