Nissan/INFINITI Position Statement: Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning - UPDATE

Figure 1 - Nissan Pre- And Post-Repair Scanning Position Statement.
Figure 1 - Nissan Pre- And Post-Repair Scanning Position Statement.

Nissan/INFINITI updated their position statement on pre- and post-repair scanning. The revised position statement touches on more subjects and gives additional information on the subject.

The statement explains that a a pre-repair scan is recommended on all vehicles stating: “The presence of increasingly sophisticated and inter-connected technology supports and necessitates the requirement of all Nissan vehicles, having a diagnostic system scan to identify any diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) present, even in cases where there is no identifiable malfunction indicator light (MIL) illuminated on the vehicle’s dashboard.” However, Nissan/INFINITI has added that all vehicles 2008 and newer must have a post-repair scan. DESCRIPTION FOR SEOFigure 2 - INFINITI Pre- And Post-Repair Scanning Position Statement.They also say the post-repair scan is to ensure that all DTCs are addressed and can assist in successful calibration.

They finish by listing facts about diagnostics and DTCs, for example, “The proliferation of vehicle control systems has increased the potential number of DTCs beyond the point where dashboard indicators can illuminate for every DTC. The dashboard indicators are intended for driver notifications, NOT vehicle diagnostics.” Check out the Nissan Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning Position Statement and the INFINITI Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning Position Statement.

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