Locating ADAS Information: Tesla

Locating ADAS Information: Tesla

As a collision repair technician, there is one part of a service manual that houses all of the information you would ever need…right? This is not the case with modern vehicles. You may be required to look in numerous manuals to find the information required to safely repair the vehicle.

The Repairability Technical Support (RTS) Portal has videos posted to show you how to navigate specific OEM body repair manuals (BRMs), but this sometimes just gets you in the door. If you are looking for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) information in the BRM, you may not find any information at all. ADAS information is not normally located in the body repair manual. You may have to go into the service manual to find ADAS or a separate manual altogether. Luckily, the RTS team has already navigated most of the OEM repair manuals and we’ve found the ADAS information. Let’s see where to find ADAS information from Tesla.

After accessing your online subscription, a list of Tesla vehicles will appear on the screen for you to choose from. A year option isn’t given because at this time the repair procedures are the same from year to year. After you select your vehicle, a list of manuals will be displayed, click on Service Manual.

In the service manual, a document tree will open up on the left-hand side of the tree. All ADAS information (radar, parking sensors, cameras) will be found under the Electrical tab in the document tree.

For additional Tesla information, check out the Tesla OEM Information page.

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