Honda and Acura Restraints Wiring

Honda and Acura Restraints Wiring

When it comes to supplemental restraint systems (SRS) wiring repairs there are a wide range of procedures between vehicle makers, so it is always important to check the service information before considering any repairs. Let's take a look at the Honda and Acura recommendations for SRS wiring repair.

First note that while most airbag wiring is yellow in color, wrapped in yellow tape, or have a yellow connector, there are some exceptions. If for example, the SRS wiring is part of a larger harness it may not be marked as part of the SRS wiring. So again check the vehicle service information, which can be found at

Per Honda/Acura service information: "Never attempt to modify, splice, or repair airbag system wiring. If any part of the airbag system wiring is damaged, replace the affected wiring harness(es)."

More information on the Honda and Acura can be found on the OEM Information page.

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