GM Door Skin Sectioning

GM Door Skin Sectioning

With a body style change for the General Motors (GM) full size pick-ups in 2014, and full size SUVs in 2015, comes a new procedure for replacing door skins. Let’s take a look at the GM publication.

In the Volume 3, 2016 issue of GM Repair Insights, GM not only endorses but, recommends cutting a new door skin along or above the belt line. In the article, they state: “A full door outer panel is serviced for both front and rear side doors. However, GM Service Engineering recommends the panel be modified along or above the belt line when door outer panel replacement is an option for repair. Belt-cut or partial panel replacement is an industry standard strategy for door and quarter panel replacements. However, for an auto manufacturer to endorse a belt-cut strategy only for doors on new full size pick-ups and SUV’s is unique.”

GM has the repair technician in mind by saying: “The reason GM prefers a “section only” strategy for door outer panel repairs is because the outer and inner panels are hemmed around the door glass opening, and there isn’t sufficient room to get a dolly behind the inner panel. Hemming tools utilized in production are not feasible for use in the repair industry… Ultimately, GM would like to see complete door replacement for every door damage situation. However, we understand there are times when the door outer panel is a convenient repair option.”

Also included, in the article is the step-by-step repair procedure for sectioning the door skin. Go to GM Repair Insights to view the full article. This publication is also filled with other useful information to help the collision repair technician.

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