Kia Position Statement: Pre- and Post-Repair System Scanning

Kia released a position statement recently relating to collision repair. Let’s take a look at what this statement is about.

Following suit with many other OEMs, Kia posted a position statement on pre- and post-repair system scanning titled, Kia Pre and Post Diagnostic Scanning Related To Collision Repairs Statement. In the statement, Kia states: "After a collision has occurred, it is imperative to perform both pre-repair and post-repair scan procedures within all the systems to test for potential diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)." Kia also stresses that: "A DTC alert may not always illuminate a DTC indicator light on the dash board, so testing for codes is important both before and after repairs are made, even if the repairs appear to be minor."

For additional Kia information, check out the Kia OEM Information page.

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