Collision Information Website Access: General Motors

Collision Information Website Access: General Motors

Why do I need a subscription to an OEM website if we have full subscription access to the I-CAR Repairability Technical Support (RTS) portal? This is a question received on a regular basis through Ask I-CAR. Let’s take a look at why and how to purchase an OEM subscription.

With your RTS subscription, you gain access to a research department in your company for the hard to find information and on the information that needs clarification. While we can't send out vehicle maker repair procedures, (due to copyright laws) we can let you know if the information exists before you spend hours and money only to find out that the information does not exist.

There are two GM websites available. The free,, website is a convenient one-stop to locate collision repair manuals, technical documents, positions statements, and the like. The pay website is where body repair manuals that are not located on the free site can be found as well as vehicle service information, the owner manual, the accessories manual, and other vehicle-specific bulletins are located.

GM has several subscription options available. To purchase a subscription:

  1. Go to
  2. You will need to register for an account, if you do not already have one
  3. To register, either click on “Not a registered click here?” which is beneath the Login Name and Password
  4. Complete the Register As A New User page
  5. Click Submi” (bottom of the webpage)
  6. To proceed click “click here to login”
  7. Enter your Login Name and Password
  8. Click Enter (middle of webpage)
  9. You will need to read through the Terms and Conditions of Use in the small window and click Accept at the bottom of the window
  10. Click Continue
  11. Click Service and Programing Information to proceed to purchasing the subscription (bottom, right-hand side of webpage)
  12. Click Subscribe Now in the left-hand column, beneath the General Motors Service Repair Manual Information
  13. Click on the blue drop down arrows to select which subscription period you would like (top and center of webpage)
  14. Complete the billing information
  15. Click Continue
  16. This will take you to the Electronic Service Information Subscription page
  17. Review and read through the ACDelco TDS Website End User License agreement
  18. Click Accept
  19. Click Purchase
  20. Enter payment information
  21. Click Secure Purchase

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