2016 Honda Civic Built With 1,500 MPa Steel Rear Rails - Complete Part Replacement Required

Earlier this year, at Great Designs In Steel (GDIS), Honda unveiled how they achieved a 20% weight reduction in rear rail design. The information was shared in presentation from Honda engineers titled: Hot Stamp Rear Frame Optimization. The solution included a hot stamped single piece stamping that resulted in a 1,500 MPa steel rear rail. That 1,500 MPa design has now made its way into production and is found on the 2016 Honda Civic.

Honda has been using 1,500 MPa steel for a few years for pillar and rocker panel reinforcements, but this is the first example of it being used for a rear rail. This is also the first example, from any vehicle maker, of this strength of material being used for a rear rail.

Similar to other Honda parts that leverage 1,500 MPa steel, no straightening or sectioning is allowed. If the rear rail is damaged, complete part replacement is the only option. Honda provides the replacement procedure for the rear rail as part of the 2016 Civic body repair manual. All the procedures can be accessed at techinfo.honda.com

The replacement procedure calls for a number of 2 and 3 panel spot welds, in conjunction with MIG brazing.

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