Great Designs in Steel 2015 Presentations: A Closer Look - I-CAR

In case you missed it, I-CAR's very own Steve Marks presented Advanced High-Strength Steel Vehicle Collision Repairability at Great Designs in Steel 2015.

In the presentation, Marks explained the current state of collision repair and the challenges of repairing vehicles with UHSS. Many of the attendees were material engineers tasked with development of the next generation of steels. One of the challenges that Marks identified is that outer body panels must be removed to access the UHSS panels so that the reinforcements can be replaced at factory seams. The proposed solution is to have more sectioning options or flexibility of the sectioning locations (based on damage of the outer panels) to improve repairability.

Another key to improving repairability that was identified is an increase in the availability of OEM steel identification and repair guidelines. Having this type of information is an essential part to make informed repair and replace decisions.

You can also check out the presentations from previous years by going to Great Designs in Steel and clicking on the list to the left on the screen.