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2014 BMW 7 Series

DISABLE PROCEDURE AND TIME (Always Check Service Manual)

• Inspection, testing and installation work may only be carried out by expert trained personnel in BMW Service.
• Work on components of the airbag system should only ever be carried out with the battery disconnected, the negative terminal post covered and the plug connection of the cable leading to the gas generator disconnected. If only the battery is
disconnected, the following prescribed waiting period must be observed without fail:

1 minute for vehicles from 9/93 onward

• When carrying out straightening and welding work with an electric welder:
• Disconnect battery
• Cover negative terminal (post)

REV: 06/2015


Replace the following components after airbag deployment:

• Steering wheel, if Driver airbag module Deployed
• Driver airbag module [AIRBAG,STEERING WHEEL; AIRBAG,KNEE BOLSTER], if Deployed
• Passenger airbag module [AIRBAG,INSTRUMENT PNL; AIRBAG,KNEE BOLSTER], if Deployed
• Dashboard trim panel, if Passenger airbag module deployed
• Replace side seat airbag module and seat cover with upholstery [AIRBAG,FRONT SEAT], if Deployed
• Replace gas generator, active head restraint system, if deployed [UNIT,ACTIVE HEADREST]. If the severity of the impact has not caused any other damage to the seat, only the triggered gas generator needs to be replaced
• Roof Airbag module [AIRBAG, ROOF], if Deployed

NOTE: Head restraint: The firing unit may be replaced up to 5 times. Triggering frequency is denoted on the sticker on the head restraint carrier. Stickers are available as spare parts. The complete crash-active head restraint must be replaced in the event of a head restraint fault signal and an untriggered firer


Check and/or replace following components after airbag triggering:

• Read fault memory/rectify faults
Satellites (control unit + sensor):
• Satellite, B-pillar, left/right [AIRBAG SENSOR,SIDE]
• Satellite, front door [AIRBAG SENSOR,FRT DOOR]
• Satellite, driver's/front passenger side [AIRBAG SENSOR,FRONT]
• Satellite, vehicle centre [AIRBAG SENSOR,INTERIOR]

Cables and plugs:
• Check cables and plugs for damage, replace if necessary

Seat belt system:
• Automatic reel
• Belt buckle tensioner
• Seat belt height adjustment
• End fitting pretensioner

• Seats
• Airbag module
• Active head restraint

Driver's airbag:
• Airbag module
• Steering Wheel
• Steering column

Front passenger airbag:
• Airbag module
• Dashboard trim panel
• Supporting tube

Side airbag, front:
• Airbag module
• Seat

Head airbag:
• Airbag module
• Cover, A-pillar
• Roofliner
• Trim, B-pillar
• Trim, C-pillar
• Connection/mount (on side frame)

Knee airbag:
• Trim panels (driver's side)
• Lower section of glove box
• Knee airbag (driver's and front passenger sides)

Check components, replace if necessary

Only repair those cables which show visible signs of damage. In the event of visible damage, make sure there is only one cable repair in effect after the repair work. If no visible damage can be identified, the entire cable must be replaced. When carrying out repairs to the airbag wiring harness, you must use the spare parts offered in the out Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC).

Additional Information

*This matrix does not currently contain all production vehicles sold in the United States. Please refer back to this page frequently to ensure the most up-to-date information. The following charts were developed in cooperation with AudaExplore, a Solera company. The contents are based on the information available at the time of publication. To ensure that the most recent information is used, always refer to the vehicle maker's technical information before working with airbags and other passive restraint systems.

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