Recycled Restraint System Parts

When it comes to the various restraints system parts, whether it be the airbags, parts for seat belt system, or wiring, we are often asked, “What does I-CAR recommend?”

First and foremost, we recommend to Always Follow Vehicle Maker Procedures. Now let’s take a look at what I-CAR specifically states as a best practice.

These recommendations apply only when there are no instructions from the vehicle maker.

I-CAR does not recommend using recycled airbag modules. Without knowing the condition or history of the vehicle, it is difficult to know if the airbag functioned properly during the last collision. It is also difficult to know if the airbag has been previously repaired. Therefore, using recycled airbags may pose an unnecessary liability risk.

Seat belts / Control Modules / Sensors
Potential liability issues may arise from the use of recycled restraints system parts. Improper inspection of airbag assemblies, or not knowing the history of the vehicle that an airbag was removed from, may lead to improper deployment. These concerns extend to all restraints system parts, such as seat belts, control modules, and crash sensors.

Wiring Harness
If the recycled wire harness has minor damage, note that wire harness repair options vary according to the vehicle maker and the type of electronic system.

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