OEM Partial Part Replacement Search

2012 Ford Edge

URL: www.motorcraftservice.com

Construction Type: Unibody

Front Rail: No Written Procedure Available

Pillars, Rocker Panel, or Roof Rail: Partial Replacement At Factory Seam Or A Sectioning Location

Rear Rail: No Written Procedure Available

Trunk Floor: No Written Procedure Available

Notes: Per the 2012 Ford Edge Workshop manual:
"NOTICE: A structural frame rail service kit not available for this vehicle. The inner frame rail section is laser welded and cannot be sectioned. It is mandatory that the replacement section be installed as delivered at the original factory seam locations. Failure to follow these instructions may compromise collision energy management of the vehicle."

Additional Information

*This matrix does not currently contain all production vehicles sold in the United States. Please refer back to this page frequently to ensure the most up-to-date information. The contents are based on the repair information available from the vehicle maker. Updates and additions will be posted as they become available. To ensure that the most recent information is used, always refer to the vehicle maker's technical information.

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