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2020 Mercedes-Benz G-Class


DISABLE PROCEDURE AND TIME (Always Check Service Manual)

Before beginning with:
• bodywork
• Work on airbags or emergency tensioning retractors [Emergency Tensioning Retractor] units (removal, installation)
• work on components that are associated with the airbag and emergency tensioning retractor units or require access to their electric circuit, e.g. when removing the steering wheel:

1) Disconnect and isolate the battery ground line.

Before commencing welding work:
1. Switch off electrical consumers and disconnect charger or vehicle diagnosis system
2. Switch off ignition and store transmiter key outside of transmitter range (at least 2 m)
2. Disconect ground line with battery sensor from negative pole of on-board electrical system battery
3. Remove connector from the control unit for the airbags and emergency tensioning retractors

The supplemental restraint system must always be tested with a diagnosis system

REV: 04/2020


The generated gas flow deploys the airbag or tensions the belt strap (if equipped). Defective or damaged pyrotechnical components • must always be replaced:

The following pyrotechnical components can be installed in a range of versions and quantities (depending on the equipment installed).

• Front passenger airbag [AIRBAG,INSTRUMENT PNL]
• Sidebag
• Seat cushion airbag
• Window airbag [AIRBAG,ROOF]
• Head airbag
• Pelvis airbag
• Emergency tensioning retractor with and without belt airbag
• Seat belt buckle emergency tensioning retractor
• Seat belt end-fitting tensioner
• Pyrotechnical engine hood lifter (actuator)
• Mechanical engine hood lifter with pyrotechnical activation (not reversible)
• Pyrofuse
• Roll bar trigger capsule

In the event of accidents with a driver airbag which has been triggered:

• Steering wheel
• Steering column tube [COLUMN ASSEMBLY,STRG]

must always be replaced


Pyrotechnical components are to be checked for external damage and replaced if necessary.

If axial play or a noise is detected at the steering column tube, this must always be replaced.

Defective or damaged pyrotechnical components, control units and their sensor systems must always be replaced. Repair of or tampering with such components is not permissible.

Components that come into contact with pyrotechnical components (e.g. instrument panel, door trim, glove compartment, seats, wiring harnesses, belt straps, etc.) must always be checked for damage and be replaced if necessary. Only technically approved component combinations are permissible.

Damaged or defective attachment or bolting points of pyrotechnical components must be properly repaired or replaced.

Additional Information

*This matrix does not currently contain all production vehicles sold in the United States. Please refer back to this page frequently to ensure the most up-to-date information. The following charts were developed in cooperation with AudaExplore, a Solera company. The contents are based on the information available at the time of publication. To ensure that the most recent information is used, always refer to the vehicle maker's technical information before working with airbags and other passive restraint systems.

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