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Ford F-150 Collision Repair Instruction Sheets Part Numbers

Ford F-150 Collision Repair Instruction Sheets Part Numbers

FAQ: What is the purpose of the part numbers in the upper right corner of the 2015 F-150 Instruction Sheets?

Answer: The part numbers are used for two different replacement options:

The top section called "SQUARED NUMBERS ARE PRO SPOT MANDRELS" is actually the part number of the die set required to install the corresponding self-piercing rivet (SPR) on the instruction sheet. For example, anywhere there is a 1 with a box around it, you will need to use the die set SA-0400 and SA-401 to install the replacement SPR.

The second section called "CIRCLED NUMBERS ARE SOLID RIVETS" is the solid rivets that can be used to replace SPRs. If you do not want to use SPRs during part installation, these are locations where solid rivets can be used instead.