Collision Repair Information Available:

Video: "Accessing Kia Body Repair Manual"
This video shows how to access vehicle-specific Kia Body Repair Manuals on their website.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Collision Repair Information Availability

Body Construction Materials Identification Yes
Body Construction Material Repair Guidelines No Information Available
Foams, Sealers, and Adhesive Locations and Product Requirements Yes
Partial Service Part/Assembly Replacement Procedures at Factory Seams Yes
Structural Sectioning Procedures Yes
Outer Body Panel Sectioning Procedures Yes
Collision Repair Attachment Methods, Description, and Equipment Requirements Yes
Weld-Through Primer Required Yes
Corrosion Protection Methods and Materials Yes
Stationary Glass Adhesives - Flange Prep Requirements No Information Available
Adhesives May Be Used to Replace Welds on Exterior Body Panels if Not Specified in Model-Specific Manual No Information Available
Collision Information Website Access Daily/Multi-Day, Monthly, Annually