OEM Hybrid And Electric Vehicle Disable Search

2011 Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid


Click the links below for OEM repair information. (Note: additional purchase is required for a subscription to each OEM's repair information website.)

Yes No Not Identified
Scan Tool Required X
HV DVOM Required X

Accessing Disable Procedure

To find the Mercedes-Benz High-Voltage Disable Procedures:

  1. Go to www.startekinfo.com
  2. Enter username and password (lower left)
  3. Click GO
  4. Click Launch WIS-net (middle column about halfway down)
  5. Click Open (bottom of page)
  6. Click Run (pop up)
  7. Enter VIN (top of the webpage) or select manually Chassis Mode (tabs in upper left)
  8. Click the left check boxes 54 Electrical System, Equipment and Instruments (select sub-categories 54.00 and 54.10)
  9. Click the right check boxe All Information Types
  10. Click Start Search (upper left)
  11. Scroll down and click Perform Manual Power Disconnect for High-Voltage On-board Electrical System

Hybrid And Electric Vehicle Welding Best Practices

When welding on an HEV or EV, follow the same precautions as when welding on a conventional vehicle. In addition, there are precautions to take with the high-voltage battery. As a best practice, disconnect both the 12 V battery and the high-voltage battery service disconnect. (Note: Always disable the high-voltage battery following the vehicle makers repair information and follow all safety precautions.)

Refinish Precautions

"With air injection if the maximum permissible temperature of 75°C is not exceeded, the electronic components need not be removed."

Additional Information

* This matrix does not currently contain all production vehicles sold in the United States. Please refer back to this page frequently for the most up-to-date information. The following OEM specific repair information was identified from the vehicle makers’ repair information. The contents are based on the information available from the vehicle maker. Updates and additions will be posted as they become available. To ensure that the most recent information is used, always refer to the vehicle maker's technical information when disabling and working on hybrid and electric vehicles.

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