I-CAR Subaru Collision Repair Overview Course

I-CAR Subaru Collision Repair Overview Course

I-CAR has developed a course around collision repair of Subaru vehicles. The Subaru Collision Repair Overview course covers many different collision repair aspects as well as general information about Subaru models.

Information on the history of Subaru, along with a list of current models is given. This includes coupes, sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

Covered in this course are specifics on individual Subaru websites for parts and service information. Website information covered includes:

  • Links to websites
  • Website login and navigation
  • Repair symbols
  • Repair procedure navigation
  • Subaru position statements
  • Locating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) information

The course also discusses the types of materials used in the construction of the vehicle and where they are commonly used. Materials such as:

  • High-strength steel (HSS)
  • Ultra-high-strength steel (UHSS)
  • Aluminum
  • Composites and plastics

Plug and spot welding is covered in the course and includes specific information on:

  • Spot welder requirements
  • Replacement of spot welds
  • Plug welds
  • Plug weld hole diameters
  • Welding wire recommendations

The course details part inspection after a collision and includes information on:

  • Supplemental restraints systems (SRS)
  • Occupant classification systems (OCS)

Other information provided in the course includes:

  • Sectioning
  • Corrosion protection
  • Wiring repair
  • One-time-use fasteners
  • Fixed glass replacement

These are just a few examples what you will find in the Subaru Collision Repair Overview course.

For additional Subaru information, check out the Subaru OEM Information page.

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