I-CAR does not, and will not, make specific recommendations about how much time should be allotted to a repair, what is or is not an included operation, or which repair operations should be performed by a specific department. Rather, I-CAR is dedicated to providing those in the industry with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve a complete, safe, and quality repairs.

Per the video shown during the Opening the Class portion of I-CAR live courses: "It’s important that we avoid topics which create a conflict with anti-trust laws or the combines act. Therefore, we will not talk about labor rates, parts or equipment prices, repair times, cost and profit margins, dividing up the market between customers and suppliers, a boycott or refusal to deal with anyone, judgement on the work of a specific shop or practices of a specific insurance company, policies and guidelines for settling claims, or how a shop or company conducts its business.

These topics have nothing to do with repair technology. So there is no need to discuss them in class. If they are brought up in class, the conversation will be stopped."

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