Logo Authorization

This form should be completed at the time of request or to update a company name or logo already on file. Please complete this form and submit your logo artwork according to the requirements described below.

I-CAR requests the use of your corporate logo and/or name for marketing and promotional efforts. By signing this release, you are authorizing I-CAR to include your corporate logo, name, and/or web site URL on applicable marketing and promotional efforts developed and/or delivered by I-CAR.

By signing this authorization form, the authorized representative indicated below agrees to provide I-CAR with the current corporate logos, trade names, and/or trade/service marks, along with any subsequent changes. I-CAR is not responsible or held liable for any corporate logos/trade names and/or trade/service marks that may not be current due to the information not being updated and given to I-CAR by the company and/or authorized contact.

Other than the right granted here, I-CAR acknowledges that it has no other rights in the company’s corporate logo, trade names, and/or trade/service marks.