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Website Navigation

Website Navigation

Website navigation can be a bit confusing, so we thought we should give you a few quick tips that just might make your life a little easier. These tips are helpful on many websites, but we will concentrate on the Repairability Technical Support Portal.

First, when you see blue text on the website, it is typically a link. Clicking on it will take you to another area of the website that contains the information you need. Another telltale sign that a link is available, is when the cursor changes from an arrow to a hand.

Logos on website aren't there just to look pretty, they are often links as well. The I-CAR logo in the lower left corner will bring you to the home page. While the RTS logo in the upper left corner will always bring you back to the RTS home page.

Oh and don't forget the menu on the left side is always there to help you navigate to the different areas of the website, and it changes color to let you know where you are on the website. Check back soon for more quick tips on website navigation.