myI-CAR Log-In Required for RTS

myI-CAR Log-In Required for RTS

As you have noticed, the RTS Portal is now requiring you to log-in, via your myI-CAR username and password, to access content. This has been done in order to better serve the inter-industry. Let’s take a look at what this will mean for you.

The first thing this allows us to do is to see which industry segment (Collision Repair, Insurance, Education, and Suppliers) is using the portal and which part of the portal is the most beneficial to that segment. With this type of information in hand, we will be able to focus our resources on the sections of the website that is the most valuable to each segment.

This will also give I-CAR the ability to see the information that each segment is researching. This information will aid I-CAR in the direction of training courses to be developed for each segment, with the information that is needed most.

With the log-in now in place, we can also start to add customizable features for each user including a favorites area. So the tools that each user finds the most useful will be arranged in a way that works for their daily requirements.

Check back often as new features and enhancements are made regularly.