What does I-CAR say about using a recycled fuel tank?


Per I-CAR curriculum: "Considerations for the replacement of fuel tanks include the use of recycled parts. Recycled fuel tanks should be cleaned and flushed before installing. Inspect the condition of the fuel pump and sender module. If not damaged, use the fuel pump module from the original fuel tank."

"In order to fix water in your fuel tank, you’re going to have to drain all of the fuel and water out of your fuel tank, flush your fuel line of any contaminants, clean your fuel injectors, and possibly replace or clean your fuel filter."

"I-CAR is not in the position to make specific recommendations about which parts should be used. Rather, I-CAR is dedicated to providing those in the industry with the necessary knowledge and skills relevant to their position to achieve a complete and safe repair. Part selection is a business decision that must be agreed upon by all parties involved in the repair process."

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