What does I-CAR say about repair tolerances?


Per I-CAR curriculum: “Note that the vast majority of vehicle makers do not provide a tolerance number, they only provide specifications.””

”Three and five millimeter tolerances were typically acceptable on older model vehicles. However, this recommendation is not as common with late model vehicle design. Vehicle structures overall have a tighter tolerance regardless of the vehicle maker. This means that the 3 mm and 5 mm tolerance recommendation can almost be considered outdated.”

"Vehicle repair tolerance is generally ±3 mm for unibody vehicles and ±5 mm for full-frame vehicles. However, these numbers are subjective. The vehicle must be straightened to the degree that allows all of the body panels to fit properly, and that the suspension is in proper alignment without requiring extreme adjustments. Some vehicles have little or no adjustment for some alignment angles, which will require more precision in structural alignment. Tolerances are generally tighter on newer vehicles, and may require greater precision in repair.”