What does I-CAR say about corrosion protection after paintless dent repair (PDR)?


Per I-CAR curriculum: “During the PDR process, it is possible that the corrosion protection materials on the backside of the panel may be removed from the repeated scratching of the dent tool tips, even though the tips may be protected with plastic. Therefore, corrosion protection must be restored to ensure the durability of the repair.

This is recommended for most PDR repairs, as it is difficult to see if the corrosion protection was removed. It is safer to assume that the finish has been scratched and apply corrosion protection to the panel backside.

Corrosion protection to the backside is typically done by applying anti-corrosion compound.

Following PDR repairs, it may be necessary to check for microcracking after the dent removal. Any damage to the coating will require the area to be refinished.”