What does I-CAR say about using recycled suspension parts?


Per I-CAR curriculum: “I-CAR is not in the position to make specific recommendations about which parts should be used. Rather, I-CAR is dedicated to providing those in the industry with the necessary knowledge and skills relevant to their position to achieve a complete and safe repair. Part selection is a business decision that must be agreed upon by all parties involved in the repair process.”

”Mechanical parts that should not be recycled may include worn suspension and brake parts (pads).”

”When using recycled suspension parts:

  • compare the recycled part to an undamaged part to verify that it is the proper dimensions, undamaged, and that the part is the correct part.
  • inspect for bends or cracks. Use dye penetrant if necessary.
  • do not install if there is evidence of damage or previous repairs, or any signs of heating, welding, or straightening.”