Per 2013 Cadillac ATS repair information: "Radar Sensor Module - Long Range Calibration: After replacing and programming the Long Range Radar Sensor Module, it is necessary to perform a calibration procedure to align the radar. This is indicated to the technician by DTC B101E 4B. Calibration is performed while driving the vehicle with the scantool connected. Calibration is initialized using a scantool and the scantool must remain connected until calibration is complete. During this time the "Service Driver Assist" service message will be displayed. Once the procedure is complete, the service message will turn off and normal operation will resume.

Calibration is not required if the existing module was reprogrammed only. Calibration needs to be conducted if the module was replaced or removed and re-secured.

If calibration is not successful, it could be due to improper driving environment, module and bracket assembly bent out of position or incorrect module mounting. A typical driving environment is usually sufficient to calibrate the module within 10–30 minutes. The module needs to be mounting properly in the bracket and aimed straight ahead within +/- 3 degrees."

The recalibration procedure can be found at:

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